Entrees include choice of side salad or French Fries


Chicken Kabobs

Char-grilled marinated chicken cubes with rice, tomatoes, green peppers and pickles.



Kafta Kabobs

Char-broiled seasoned mix of chopped beef, parsley and onions with rice, tomatoes, green peppers and pickles



Shish Kabob

Char-broiled tenderloin filet cubes with rice, tomatoes, green peppers and pickles



Combo Kabobs

A mixed plate of Chicken, Kafta and Shish Kabobs with rice.



Filet Mignon

Grilled filet with sauteed mushrooms served with steamed vegetables



Grilled Chicken Breasts

two 9 oz. grilled chicken breasts topped with mixed vegetables.



Broiled Boston Scrod

Broiled and topped with a light lemon sauce.  Served with steamed vegetables.



Grilled Salmon
two-6 oz. with potato wedges




Meat sauce lasana with ricotta and garlic bread.



Maggie's Pasta

Cappelini topped with special sauce - fresh tomatoes, green peppers, garlic, mushrooms, black and green olives. Served with Garlic Bread -  

with chicken - add $4.00

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